RSI-UK: Cars and RSI

I thought it was an astonishingly thoughtless aside, assuming that everyone is just able to stop driving. It is perfectly sensible to suggest that we use cars less if that is an option. I take care to use my computer less now that I have RSI.

Comment 1: I agree he did not suggest we stop driving – as I said, it was an unstated assumption that it is quite easy to stop. This assumption is presumably why he castigated people for trying to find a less painful way of driving rather than adopting other modes of transport, calling this ‘treating the symptoms not the cause’. Of course it is sensible to use cars less, for all kinds of reasons – I don’t have a car myself, since I live in London near a tube line – but not everyone can stop driving altogether. It’s a bit like assuming people can stop using computers – not everyone can do that without losing their job.

Comment 2: According to the current newsletter, the RSI Association now have a leaflet about driving, and getting an assessment of what sort of vehicle is best suited to your individual needs. You can get a copy of the leaflet by writing to

RSI Association
Chapel House
152 High Street
West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7BE

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