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Question: You may recall that during the discussion on the list last November, the possibility of setting up a committee to oversee the running of RSI-UK was mooted. The aim being, as I see it, to shift away from decisions regarding the list being taken by just one person (me) to a more representative arrangement. Besides being a very welcome relief to me, I think it will be a great improvement to have input from more than one person on the running of the list. I’m sorry that it has taken me some time to get back to this subject. Christmas and other things intervened; but also, I thought perhaps many people would welcome a break from such things. Now that the holidays are over, it seems like a good time to deal with it. I’m grateful that so far three subscribers have indicated their willingness to help on such a committee: David Walland, Richard Booth, and Jan Sayer. If anyone else is willing to be involved, can you please write to me now, at, to let me know. Alternatively, if you want to nominate someone else, please be sure to get their permission first! Once the list of names is complete, I will post it to the list and we can then determine whether we need to vote or not. (My personal view is that this is not needed, however others may feel we should, if so please indicate.)

Answer 1: Can we now decide whether there should be a vote on the membership of this committee? As list owner, I will be taking part in the committee willy-nilly. The others who have offered to help are: David Walland, Richard Booth, Jan Sayer plus one offer which regretfully I felt obliged to decline with thanks, as the offerer is a provider of RSI-related goods/services. Can you all please now let me know whether you think there should be a vote, or whether the four of us should just get on with it?  Thanks.

Answer 2: I do hope you’ll just get on with it. Thanks for doing it.
Pam Lunn
Centre for the Study of Women & Gender, University of Warwick       and
Woodbrooke College, 1046 Bristol Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6LJ
fax: 0121 472 5173

Answer 3: In order to vote, you would all have to give cvs etc so we would know what we are voting for, and even then we wouldn’t really know much. The democratic value of the vote would be dubious, extra work for you, and so I suggest that you all get on with it. It’s good of you and colleagues to take the trouble, in my view, so best luck. Incidentally, is the James who came close to advertising his ‘cure’ on this site the same one (james Essinger, Canterbury-based writer) as described in an article in the Times, Independent or Telegraph on January 1st, by Helen Wylie called ‘How to banish the workplace demon?’ Can James or anyone elucidate? Just curious!

Answer 4: Do you mean James’ post with the subject line “I think I found the chicken or the egg puzzle with RSI. What causes what?” James is in the US, and as far as I know is not selling anything. I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong. I thought he was just letting us know that he’s found a program that works for him, and was planning to put it up on a website where we could all read it.

Answer 5: I think you should get on with it and wish you all well.

Answer 6: My opinion is that a vote, although democratic, would only be needed if there were masses of volunteers.

Answer 7: Thanks for all your comments, to the list and by email. I expect you’ll all be relieved to hear that no one has requested a vote, and so we will proceed without one.

Answer 8: May I commend Ellen on her hard work. This list was a great help when I was first diagnosed back in 1996. It was a relief to know I wasn’t the only one.

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