RSI-UK Digest for 12 Aug 1997

I’m desperately trying to find out what is wrong with my hands and arms. I have been under the care of orthopedic surgeons and hand specialists for two years but can’t seem to get inclusive diagnoses to my problems. I have also been to a physical therapist–and in December opted for surgery on my elbow with the hope (or rather guess) that my problem may be cubital tunnel syndrome. My problems persist. Here are my major symptoms; 1) BILATERAL!! 2) weakness 3) Burning sensation that happens soon after any activity (such as opening a door) near the thumb joint (underside of hands) and at the elbow 4) Numbness in neck and shoulder muscles(back side) 5) when exercising with arms overhead–dramatic pulsations felt in my wrist  Almost all activities aggravate my problem at this point. The major ones include; 1) lifting 2) finger mobility exercise (such as typing or playing a musical instrument) 3) holding a book

Comment: I suffer very similar symptoms. Had RSI for 4 years now. I am still unclear as to a diagnosis but I believe it to be at least partially circulation related. That may arise from TOS, but it also arises in my case from having poor posture which means I have a slightly collapsed chest and restricts blood flow into the arms. What helps? Regular exercise and Rolfing. I’m typing this and can’t do much more right now – bit of a flare up – so excuse the brevity.

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