RSI-UK Digest for 14 Apr 1997

I went to the USA for treatment by a certified Bonnie Prudden myotherapist. This was about 2 years ago. I found that the treatment helped enormously, and that I learned a great deal about helping myself with myotherapy. In all, a very positive experience. Since then I’ve been visiting a Rolfer. I keep meaning to write down my thoughts comparing the two approaches. Rolfing is amazing – it combines a physical therapy with a mental process. I sometimes think of it as the combination of a physical therapy with the Alexander Technique. It has really enabled me to stay on top of the RSI and lead a mostly-normal life. I still use myotherapy for headache treatment etc, and generally the combination of techniques is proving very effective.

Comment: I am delighted that you have mentioned Rolfing. I understood that there were no rolfers in Britain…is there a number to contact please?!

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