RSI-UK Digest for 16 Aug 1997

Question: Just noticed in a catalogue from “Jigsaw” – “The world’s only proven ergonomic mouse if used correctly this product will solve all ergonomic issues referring to the use of the mouse and input devices. Truly ergonomic – encourages a natural vertical hand position alleviating muscle tension in the forearm and wrist. With the hand vertical and the thumb operating the cursor controls you will find no more strain on overstretched fingers”. Any experience of this one, anybody? It looks a bit like a games joystick, with a button underneath the thumb. Looks like it *may* be made by Esselte.

Answer: Don’t know about this, but I use a Wacom Artpad as a pointing device. I have this on one side of my keyboard and a standard Apple mouse on the other. The two devices are very different to use and so give my hands a rest. From time to time I swap them from side to side. Worth trying if you find a mouse troublesome.

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