RSI-UK Digest for 19 Jan 1998

It’s good to hear someone taking positive action to combat RSI. I shall try some of your ideas. This is what I have done myself:

  1. Use a split ergonomic keyboard.
  2. Use a Wacom Artpad as well as a mouse – I swap from one to the other.
  3. Use PowerSecretary voice recognition, from time to time to cut down my keyboard time.
  4. Take 30 minutes aerobic exercise two or three times a week – I figure that being physically fit helps the body cope.
  5. Bought an adjustable ergonomic chair that carries my weight down to my feet.
  6. Contrary to your experience, I’ve given up with wrist supports of any kind, I found that they put pressure on the wrists and made the problem worse.
  7. Use a foot rest.
  8. Ensured my screen is at the correct height and distance from me using an adjustable wall bracket (this has the added advantage of increasing desk space!)
  9. Insist that my contributors submit work in Mac-compatible form by email or on a floppy AD thus eliminating copy typing.
  10. Make use of Macros and AppleScripts to reduce key strokes. BTW. If anyone has experience of AppleScripts, I’m keen to find some more.
  11. Make intelligent use of find/replace and auto formatting on my word processor so I can work more efficiently.

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