RSI-UK Digest for 20 Apr 1999

Question: Does anyone who uses a Mac know of a good application that would allow me to swap between active programs without using the mouse to go to the top right finder menu? This is a standard feature on PCs but I don’t have anything like it on OS 8.1. Also, has anyone tried the round mouse (supplied with iMacs) for any length of time? Any better or worse than the standard apple mouse? I’m looking for the best mouse and keyboard combo to avoid tendonitis but I can’t use some of the newest Macintosh kit because they changed the plugs to the USB standard and the old serial ports can’t use them.

Answer 1: I’ve heard it’s not that good. I’d highly recommend a Wacom ArtPad as an alternative/supplement to the mouse. I’ve used one for years and it has really helped. The keyboard to go for is Apple’s split ergonomic one. This is no longer manufactured, but most suppliers seem to have stock. It takes some getting used to, but it keeps the wrists in a much more natural position and is far better than the Maltron keyboard I tried for a while.

Answer 2: Do you, or anyone else, know of a supplier for the ArtPad, please? I am in the process of trying to find an alternative to standard setup and maybe that would be worth a try. ALSO an ergonomic keyboard has been suggested and I wonder if anyone has any views on the use of one of these (with a PC) as opposed to, say, a short k/b with an ArtPad or any combination of these? I would really like to ditch the standard mouse as it is becoming more and more difficult and painful to use, but maybe if I altered its position, by using a short k/b that would make it more ‘friendly’? If I go for the curvy ergonomic k/b does anyone know of a wrist rest that fits these?

Answer 3: I’ve just been diagnosed with RSI. I work on a Mac 60-70% of my time creating web pages. Anyone out there recommend changing to a trackball? I’m ordering the ‘orbit’ trackball and hoping it will help some, would love to hear from others about success, or lack of, in trackballs helping.

Answer 4: I have said on a number of times when the issue of keyboards has come upand I will say it again – I use a Maltron Ergonomic keyboard and found it to be a lifesaver, without the keyboard and a touchpad instead of a mouse, I would not be able to continue working.

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