RSI-UK Digest for 30 Apr 1999

Question: Would it work to install Softwindows98 on the Mac, which is a software solution that converts the Mac to a PC operating system and allows you to run PC software on a Mac. (You can switch back and forth between the MacOS and Windows OS). Softwindows98 costs about $170 US dollars. This might be a cheaper solution than buying PC hardware just to run the PC voice software. Has anybody tried this?

Answer 1: That’s an interesting idea. One problem, though, may be connecting the hardware – Macs don’t use sound cards: the sound processing is done using software in the operating system.

Answer 2: Well, I strongly suspect that it wouldn’t work, but I’d like to be proved wrong! I don’t think that SoftWindows would be fast enough because it achieves its speed by having effectively having parts of Windows as native Mac code. Programs which are doing lots of computation like VR systems won’t get the speedup. It would be interesting to try it out, but I don’t want to spend money on it!

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