RSI-UK Digest for 5 Oct 1997

I am a professional translator with a slight case of RSI in my right hand/wrist from decades of typing and in particular from using a mouse. For the past year or so I have been doing all my translation work with IBM’s VoiceType dictation software. It is not 100% accurate but it is good enough for my purposes and of course it greatly reduces the mouse problem. It has the added psychological advantage for a translator of freeing up the part of one’s brain that would otherwise be involved with typing.

Comment 1: I use a Wacom ArtPad on one side of my keyboard and a mouse on the other side. This lets me swap between two pointing devices and so offers relief from the unnatural mouse holding position. The ArtPad costs around 150UKP.

Comment 2: I use exactly the same setup and with PowerSecretary. This has helped me a lot. You can use the pen to move the cursor around the screen and then tell PS to click the mouse button – you never need to double-click again! You can’t do click-and-drag this way though: BTW Contrary to rumors, PS 2.0.7 works fine on MacOS 8.

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