RSI-UK Digest for 6 Mar 2000

I’m back off work again, partly because filings, writing by hand, etc., are still so painful for me. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, which makes a great deal of my work possible. Nevertheless, I find typing by hand LESS PAINFUL than writing by hand. We remember that “writer’s cramp” has in the past referred to hand writing, rather than typing. You could very easily make matters worse for yourself if you return under these circumstances.

Comment 1: When my problem first started (10 years ago) I was taken off typing and put onto doing tasks that involved writing, and within a few weeks, I was crying with the pain of trying to hold a pen, trying to write. If you think about it you are going from having your fingers stretched out too much to having them scrunched up to hold a pen and if you do this for any length of time with damaged paws, I can assure you the result is just the same a typing. Sorry to be so negative.

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