RSI-UK Digest for 7 Aug 1997

I’ve used Boots sports injury packs in the past. I keep them in the freezer. They did help the inflammation in my arms but also aggravated the cracking and aching in my hands and wrists. I would like to add rubbing with ice to the list, specifically in conditions as mentioned below. I stopped using anti-inflammatory drugs after half a year and switched to using ice. I’ve always been surprised by its effectiveness in treating immediate pain or pre pain symptoms and it does not ruin my stomach. Also, I seem to have much more direct control of my condition as compared to using anti-inflammatory drugs. (Quicker relief, earlier warning) However, others do not seem to benefit of it. In my case one could argue I started using ice after the first period with very severe symptoms and after my first lessons in adapting my life to handle my condition. (Having tenosynovitis/tendinitis -and probably AMT– for 1+1/2 yr).

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