RSI-UK Feeling much better

Question: I am back at work and being monitored by the Health and Safety Officer who phones me every week and calls in when she is passing. We managed to trace the root of my discomfort to constant switching between keyboard, numeric keyboard and mouse which has now been helped by the purchase of an ergonomic split keyboard with a touch pad in the centre. This cost just over 40 pounds and has been worth its weight in gold. I use my middle finger to work it as I find that is easiest.

I have also taken up canoeing! I originally went along as “ballast” as there was a man short in the canoe but I have found that I can paddle for at least 2 hours without any bad effects and the gross movement of paddling seems to free up the shoulder joints and muscles. Of course it isn’t one movement constantly repeated as each stroke of the paddle is different. I like flat water and enjoy watching the wildlife. I can also vouch for the fact that a swim fully clothed in icy cold water numbs a great deal of pain! Fine control in the hands remains a problem as does pain in the hands.

Comment 1: I’m glad to hear your news. An American woman I know with sporadic RSI says kayaking is wonderful. It probably works the same way. (I can vouch for the iced-water effect.)

Comment 2: Identification of the origins of the problem is essential … Q.E.D.!

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