RSI-UK-RSI-UK Digest for 31 Mar 2001

I know it’s not being done on purpose, but having to press page down 30 to 40 times just to get to the end of an email seems so pointless, particularly on an RSI support list. It’s down to 2 things: firstly, the old message that is being replied to is not being deleted, and secondly, the way that some email is set up means that the entire content and structure of the email is also present, in the form of html code. If other people have managed to set up their own email so they can filter out this stuff, please let me know! In addition, if anyone knows how to change the way an email is sent, so that all the code is left out, perhaps they could also share that with the group? This is not meant to be a gauntlet-throwing-down email – apologies if the tone is off; got a nasty cold and feeling impatient. But please, if a little bit of care could be taken; it could save a lot of unnecessary keystrokes just to get through the RSI digest.

Comment 1: Something which might help is a small program called stripmail which removes the pipe | and less then > or double less than >> symbols from email text. It’s freeware.

Comment 2: On Outlook Express, if the RSI list is in your address book you can change the properties so that messages to the list are sent by plain text rather than HTML. Open the address book, right-click the entry for (or whatever) and click “Properties”. Then under the “Name” tab there should be a tick box for “Send E-mails using plain text only”.

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