RSI-UK.RSI-UK Digest for 19 Feb 2001

Question:  I used an Anir mouse when I first started experiencing pain from RSI and it was very comfortable. It makes you hold your wrist in a neutral position and use your whole arm to move the mouse. However, my physio told me to stop using it as it allowed me to continue to damage my right arm. I had problems positioning my mouse on the right as the number pad meant it had to be so far away from my body. I now use my left hand which means I can get the mouse in the proper position. Unfortunately Anir mice don’t come in a left hand version. I too have little hands and so have found it difficult to get a mouse small enough. After trying quite a few (Contour Perfit seemed promising but didn’t suit me) I decided on the Whale mouse which is very flat and like the Anir makes you use your whole arm rather than your wrist to move the mouse.

This is quite nice and not too expensive but is a bit wide for my hand (people with big hands will be interested to note that the Whale is adjustable in length). After seeing the recommendation for cirque touchpads on the list I bought a Smart Cat and I quite like it I’m still getting use to it but I think it might be the answer for me. My husband has set up our home PC with a touchpad on one side of the keyboard and conventional mouse on the other, so I now use either as I feel inclined. THis spreads the load and might be a good option for some people who have problems with both arms or don’t want to overload the good limb like me. Hope this is helpful.

Comment: Further to this I too have used the Anir successfully, although I had to get the smaller of the 2 deluxe models. Most useful, however, has been the Cirque CruisePad plus a basic multimedia keyboard with programmable “Smart”. The keyboard has been on special offer for months, for a great price (10 GBP each) but I don’t know how long this will last. Luckily, I purchased 2 (one for when I finally return to work!) in the Autumn. It’s been worth MUCH more than that to me. I took off the wrist attachment & use it with the Cruise Cat. Between them I can do a great deal via one touch, even w/o using my Dragon Nat4 Pro software. As for the Cruise Cat (also available at the same UK stockist) I LOVE IT. I’ve had mine since December 2000, having purchased it in the USA. I’ve found it so much of an improvement (yes, even better than the Anir) that I am planning to purchase another from the The Keyboard Company for use at work. It is even worth the imported cost to me. It’s worth mentioning the stockist, as I did for Dis-forum (UK Higher Ed mailist for disability info):
The Keyboard Company
8 Canal Ironworks – Hope Mills – London Road
Stroud – Gloucestershire GL5 2SH
Phone: 0845 205 5555 (UK local rate) or +44 (0) 7000 500 505
Fax: +44 (0) 7000 500 515
via CCard: N.B. They can only dispatch to the card holder’s address.
They use UPS, & deliver between 9.00 am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.
Orders received before 4pm (GMT) should go out the same day.
Free Delivery on Orders over 350 (pre VAT).
If your goods total over 350 before VAT, Your delivery to a UK address is FREE.
Via cheque: They will dispatch on receipt of the cheque.
As above they use UPS but with cheque they can dispatch to any address.
“Last updated Thursday February 15, 2001.
All pricing in UK pounds sterling.
“The KBC MM98 keyboard is not only a keyboard, it can upgrade your PC into the most user friendly system. You can launch any application by “one key stroke”,  Intellikeys are also known as “Hot Key”, “Quick Key”, “Shortcut Key”, or “Launch Key”.
18 Programmable Intellikeys, Multimedia Key, Audio/Video play, Vol. up & down, Prev-next track, Mute, Stop, Rec., Rew Application Key, WWW, Rotate Win, Calculator & X’fer, Sleep, DOS, My Doc, Menu, Close, Game. Also including a built in microphone (3.5mm audio jack). KBC MM98 Keyboard. =A310+VAT

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