RSI-UK.RSI-UK Digest for 27 Jul 2001

It would be worth a visit to the following web sites if you were interested in requests for “RSI, aids for cooking and the NHS”and/or ” Keyboards with inbuilt mice”:

“The TechDis Accessibility Database is part of the JISC funded TechDis, Technology for Disabilities Information Service. This site provides an on-line resource of information about products which are available to assist those with disabilities. The resource is designed to provide information on assistive, adaptive and enabling technologies to the United Kingdom Higher and Further education sectors.” Although set up for education sectors much of the information is obviously useful for sufferers as well. It provides very useful links to suppliers as well. Many tools of this sort are available via Disability Living Centres & Nottingham Rehab. NRS, for example, sell the “Baby Boa Constrictor” which (along with its bigger brother, I use to open jars, etc.:

“The largest supplier of ‘Aids to Daily Living’ in the United Kingdom. Over 5000 carefully selected products available through a range of distribution channels: Direct to the user via mail order. Supplied through a network of over 500 dealers in the U.K. Direct to the NHS and Local Authorities.” Another excellent site is:

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