RSI-UK.RSI-UK Digest for 5 Apr 2001

I am a Trade Union Officer in my place of work, also suffer from RSI. It is important that RSI is correctly “reported”, firstly in the Accident Book (you wouldn’t believe how secretive employers can be about where this is located!!); also if you have been given any sort of assessment for a “Prescribed Industrial Disease” by the DSS, it is important that you report the fact that, for example, your working conditions have exacerbated your “prescribed industrial disease”.

One way we can progress RSI issues is through Health and Safety Legislation, which is reasonably strong, so let’s use it!! Also, of course, make sure that your Union Health & Safety Representative is aware of your RSI and continue to keep them informed. Don’t confuse employers “Health and Safety Reps” with Trade Union Health & Safety Reps. Not the same thing! Your union Health & Safety Rep will have undergone specialist training and will have YOUR welfare at heart, not necessarily so your employer!! I know, I’ve been there. All the best to everyone. PLEASE support your Trade Union actively, we are doing a lot to combat discrimination against RSI in the workplace, but cannot do it without your support.

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