RSI v Arthritis

My rheumatologist prescribed Hydroxy chyloroquine Sulphate. Luckily I haven’t had any side effects yet. They are an anti-malarial drug! Used for Rheumatoid Arthritis rather than Osteo – this might be why you haven’t been given them. Hope you find something that helps soon.

Comment 1: I sympathise with your situation, but can’t really offer much help. My¬†situation is the other way round. I have had Osteo Arthritis in my hands for the last 15 years at least. I have had joints fused but it only remains pain free for a couple of years then moves on to the next joint. Now my wrists are extremely painful and my doctor suspects tendonitis. I am being signed of work for a month to see if it heals. If it does and I go back I suspect it will return again eventually. All I can say is arthritis joints usually swell and are painful to touch. I would be interested in what drugs you are taking. Everything I have tried causes stomach problems, (this is supposed to be common in arthritis sufferers.)

Comment 2: Have you tried MSM (Methyl suphonyl methane) ? A naturally occurring suplhur, that has worked for people with Arthritis and RSI. There is a book that explains how to use the supplement and how it works. The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain, Stanley W. Jacob, Ronald M. Lawerence, Martin Zucker , ISBN : 0425172651, Berkley Publishing Group.

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