Petrol Pumps

Question: There was a discussion some time ago about problems with petrol pumps, and someone posted with info about a very clever, simple, cheap little plastic gizmo that holds the trigger in place without any of the dangers of the … Continue reading


Question: How does one qualify for DLA? Answer: I am surprised at RSI sufferer’s being eligible for DLA. My health was always of more importance than the next person (as far as I’m concerned,) as my wife is severely disabled … Continue reading

Pesky Mice

Question: I have tried numerous mice, but the contour did not work for me. I got terrible pains. The only one that works for me is the Anir mouse. When I need to do some precision work I use a … Continue reading


Question: Do you find that generally speaking, your symptoms ease off the more active you become? I know that when I am moving around a lot, whether it’s running around with children in a playing field, or tearing around at … Continue reading

Maltron/men in black

Think the MIB keyboard is a Kinesis. I’ve seen it on their website. At the moment I’m working on a new, but more conventional kind of ergo keyboard made by Goldtouch. Not sure yet whether it’s working out for me … Continue reading

Maltron’s address

Since several people have asked for the Maltron contact, here are their details: 15 orchard lane East Molesey Surrey KT8 0BN England telephone/fax 0181 398 3265 international + 44 398 3265 … Continue reading

Maltron keyboard use

Your problems I’m glad to know are not yet severe but not unlike those of Carolyn Tryon of USA who also had to give up her piano playing. In her letter to us she reported that although it took some … Continue reading

Maltron or Microsoft keyboard

As someone said earlier, what is best for one set of circumstances doesn’t always work in others. Just to add, then, that I found the Maltron keyboard very useful and was advised when I switched to the Microsoft keyboard that it … Continue reading