RSI: VR for programmers ?

Question: I’d be really grateful to hear from any fellow programmers about anything that has let them work better with RSI – in particular is it really possible to program using VR software? And has anyone used chording keyboards, or say a Kinesis Dvorak board? If it matters, I do system level work in Visual C++ and assembler – I’m almost as concerned about using the debugger as I am the text editor, perhaps because using the mouse has become so painful. I was thinking of using a touchpad or a foot mouse there.

Answer : I use DragonDictate for programming. I’m currently using it with Delphi and I’ve also used it in the past with C. I must admit though that when it comes to debugging I use the keyboard and mouse, it’s too frustrating to use voice. There are also some problems with DD and Delphi in debug mode but, I have heard on the Voice Users list that Visual C++ works ok, at least under NT. I haven’t tried the continuous recognition system NaturallySpeaking for programming, I’ve heard that it isn’t very successful and that the discrete product, i.e. DragonDictate, is much better. This is a shame because the latest version of NaturallySpeaking appears to have much better accuracy than DD can manage, although to get it you’ll need a top of the range PC (you’ll also need about 256MB ram to run any VR alongside Visual C++).

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