RSI Warrior

Cheryl Poirier, a.k.a. “Miss Download”: Today I’m going to show you how NOT to get a repetitive strain injury because you’re sitting at your computer for so long.  I’ve found a program, it is called RSI Warrior, and it is absolutely fabulous.  The first thing, when you download it onto your computer, the first thing that will come up is, every single you turn on your computer, the Ergonomic Wizard will pop up.  And what this does is it tells you exactly how to sit, so that you’re ergonomically prepared at your desk.  So you want your feet flat on the floor, your hips are at 90 degrees, your arms are at 90 degrees, and your monitor is an arm’s length away from you.  So this is actually correct posture, and you’re not sitting back here like this.  I know, it’s very comfortable, but it’s not correct posture.  Now, this is something that you can set to remind you, so what I’ve got here is, under the Settings display, it has a Posture Reminder, so it will remind you to sit correctly.  You can set it for every 10, 15, 20 minutes, and you can also set the reminder on the screen for 5 seconds.  So a little box will come up on the corner of your screen, it says “Posture Reminder,” it’ll stay there for 5 seconds and then it’ll fade away.  Something else it has here are stretches, which are absolutely wonderful because, in order not to get repetitive strain injury, you have to do stretches.  So, under the Settings application, there’s a “Strain” button, and what it has here is, “How often would you like stretching breaks presented to you?”  You have three different options: one for preventing RSI, one for recovering from RSI, and one for bad RSI.  What is in the computer program already is that it will time the stretch breaks accordingly to whatever one you click on.  We’ve got for bad RSI, and then let’s go under the heading of “Stretches,” and we’re going to browse those stretches.  There’s a whole bunch of stretches for arms, backs, legs, necks, and everything like that.  So, what we’re going to do is I have actually got a volunteer here to help me with these stretches, and Andy Walker, come on in here!  And when I said put on some workout gear, that wasn’t what I was thinking, but okay, great!  Let’s get rid of those boxing gloves, because I don’t think you need those, it would be hard to sit at a computer with boxing gloves.  Okay, now, have a seat.  Sit with some good posture; go ahead, perfect, and click on that arms across chest there.  What will come up – just click the Play button, and it will run through this stretch.  You just do exactly what she’s doing.  Hold it for ten seconds; how does that feel? It stretches all across your back and your shoulders, and the backs of your arms as well.  And of course, you want to do the other side, because you don’t want one side to be tight and the other side not to be.  So that’s the end of that particular stretch; there are a whole bunch of other, different stretches that you can do during the day, and they’ll pop up depending upon if you have repetitive strain injury, or whatever.

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