RSI, WRULD, Tenosynovitus and dealing with employers

I have an ongoing problem with my fingers and wrists and was off work for 5 weeks with sick notes, the company I work for has recently been taken over by a large multinational, and fortunately better sick pay has been implemented, otherwise I would have been on SSP. Initially I felt very angry as the working conditions were very bad, basically tied to the computer keyboard for up to 4 hours without a break, monitoring live broadcast.

I have returned to work, but am unable to perform any computer work or repetitive tasks on orders of doctor. So far my employer has been reasonable and has given me other things to do, fairly menial stuff though. I will stick it out and hopefully after a period of time I will be able to return to normal work, since they have now changed the working conditions to the legal requirements. I am still in very severe pain and have been seeing physio who keeps insisting on taping my back up to give me better posture! All this negotiating and pain has taken its toll and I feel very down about the general situation, so am looking around for other things to do, in the meantime I will take all the support from my employers, which I am very fortunate to get.

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