Personal Injury Claims

Question: Does any one know how to start such a claim? I’ve spoken to a personal injuries lawyer who has told me I have no hope of winning as I’ve only been with the same employer for 7 years and … Continue reading

Stress as a factor

I too find stress aggravates my RSI. Stress also results in people suffering more from colds and other diseases. The body has probably learnt that the best way to make you reduce the stress levels is by making your arms … Continue reading


I asked at the RSI support group meeting on Saturday about splints (we have our own captive Occupational Therapist – she got RSI when she was a milliner and has re-trained as an OT!) There is the type which is … Continue reading

Spinal Dysfunction; my symptoms

When this first blew up in April 2001 and I could not continue any longer (there were, of course, many warning signs that were ignorable), my symptoms were: burning along the backs of both forearms; swelling in the first section of all … Continue reading

Spinal Dysfunction

I have finally seen Grahame Brown (Birmingham) about my WRULD symptoms in both arms, and he said it is Spinal Dysfunction, i.e. the muscles running the length of the spine are shortened causing disruption to the Autonomic nerves supplying the arms, … Continue reading

Speech recognition software

Question: I’m interested to hear people’s experiences of voice recognition software. Have any of the packages really cracked the problem and come up with something genuinely usable? Are there any packages which do genuinely hands-free ie not need the keyboard/mouse … Continue reading


Information: Just some general information as many of you have been kind enough to reply to my requests for info.  I saw the local DEA (Disability Employment Advisor) just before Xmas as I was hoping to find out if RSI … Continue reading

Speech recognition for Dutch users

Question: I am considering to start using speech recognition software, and I would appreciate the advice of other users on which type of software to buy. It appears to me that “Dragon naturally speaking” may be the best choice. My … Continue reading

Specialists in the S West

Question: I was wondering if anyone had experience of seeing specialists who are interested in RSI issues in the south west. My GP would be willing to refer me to an occupational health specialist, neurologist, or other health specialist/consultant who … Continue reading