RSIA 0800 number and other info

The RSIA newsletter arrived today. Amongst many other very interesting items is the news that there is now a Free phone number for advice. The number is 0800 018 5012. Presumably the line will still be open 11.30 – 4, Monday to Friday, since there’s no mention of any change. Anyone who hasn’t yet joined the RSIA, please do. The newsletter includes an appeal from Wendy Lawrence, RSIA Joint Chairperson, for RSI sufferers to write letters to MPs about RSI issues. There are copies provided of two documents:

  1. Response from the RSIA to the DSS consultation paper “A new contract for welfare: SUPPORT FOR DISABLED PEOPLE”
  2. Response from Nottingham RSI Support Group to the Benefits Agency paper “A Consultation on the Medical Assessment for Incapacity Benefit”.

To join the RSIA, write to the new address (as recently posted)
RSI Association
380-384 Harrow Road
London W9 2HU
or ring them on 0171 266 2000. (Don’t ring the Free phone number as that’s for help not admin.)

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