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The RSIA AGM and Conference is to be held on Sat 13th June at Congress Centre, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1, and 11 am – 4.30pm. Further information from the RSIA, Chapel House, 152 High Street, Yiewsley, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 7BE, 01895 431134. If writing for information, it would help if you enclose an s.a.e.

Answer 1: The following speakers will be speaking at the RSIA AGM:

  • Bruce Lynn, physiologist at UCL, presumably THAT paper!
  • Howard Bird, professor of Rheumatology
  • Jim Marshal, GMB union Health and Safety rep.
  • Fiona Fountain, RSIA public relations consultant

Last year several people on the list thought the idea of a RSI-UK party was a good one. How about meeting up at the RSIA AGM?

Answer 2: Newbie question: Does one have to be an official “member” of RSIA in order to attend?

Answer 3: What, you have RSI and isn’t a member?  Seriously, you can attend, but you will not be able to vote as you will not be a member. You will still be able to listen to be speakers and look at the demonstrations of products (e.g. the M*****n keyboard) and meet lots of other sufferers. The annual subscription to the RSIA is only ten pounds, so I would join anyway.

Answer 4: Thank you; will do. Despite being diagnosed with bilateral lateral epicondylitis in 1992, I only heard of this association in February! Mad, eh?

Answer 5: It would be nice to have an RSI-UK get-together, but personally I feel a little daunted at the prospect of trying to combine it with another event, also I know that some subscribers are quite a long way from London and might not be able to get to the AGM. I was thinking that if enough people are interested, maybe we could organise a meeting/party/what-have-you for later in the year. *Are* people interested in this? Where would be a suitable location? Nowhere is going to be convenient for everyone, but how about Manchester, for instance? What sort of event would be of interest — is it party time, or should we have a speaker or two? Bear in mind that we might have to share out expenses, if a venue has to be paid for – though hopefully we might be able to find one for free. In the meantime, those of us who are going to the AGM could still meet up to say hello. Tasteful sticky labels, anyone? 

Answer 6: I am on for both the AGM and an external party/meeting. I am glad that non members may attend the London Day as I am sure that some of our safety officers would like to attend.

Answer 7: It still amazes me, the number of people who have had RSI for years and have only just found out about the RSIA or the local support groups (going on the people who, just recently, are going to my local support group for the first time) This year the number of people attending the monthly meetings, of the local group, has gone up from an average of about 8 to an average of about 15. The person who runs the group is getting about two new people a week making contact, though not all of them join the local group, some just need some information. She still finds some people will not give their names as they are worried out losing their jobs, if their employers find out.

Answer 8: Nope, bilateral lateral epicondylitis (I’ll say BLE to shorten) is really tennis elbow in both elbows. I have had a recent increase in pain in the inner elbows, however, (golfer’s elbow). Along with the BLE, I also had and will always have the tendency to get, tendonitis and tenosynovitis. So not quite as you guessed, but no fun! That’s why I consider that use of Dragon Dictate saved me (and my job). Luckily, my employers (KCL) were great in that they never pressured me, despite 7 months of sick leave. I’ve been “online” for over 2 years; however, so I think my lack of info re RSIA is most likely linked into lack of advertisement, page links, v lots of links for US RSI info.

Answer 9: The RSIA are not online. As far as I know, the only online info available about the RSI Assn is the page for the RSI-UK website What gave me left-elbow epicondylitis, btw, was using a terminal with the screen off to the right, so that my head was constantly turned in that direction. But presumably, if you’ve got it in both elbows, looking off to one side is not a factor. Also btw, and totally off-topic, am I speaking to the author of Brothers?

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