Question:  I’ve just learned that the RSIA AGM is to be held this Saturday (28 June) in Nottingham. Is anyone able to post more details about the venue and the speakers, etc? I’ve changed address and forgot to inform the RSIA, so haven’t been getting the newsletter.

Answer 1: From an old newsletter I have handy the speakers are Barbara Venes of the HSE employment advisory service and Alec Thompson who is responsible for the health and safety enforcement with the environmental services dept. of Nottingham city council. From memory of them sending things out I remember there is a speaker from Leicester uni. The assoc telephone number is 01895 431134 – but I thought you were quite involved with the association? And so had actually been wondering why no one had mentioned the AGM?

Answer 2: No, I’m not personally involved with the RSIA. I approached them a few years ago, when the mailing list was set up, and again when the website was set up, but at the time there was not as much interest in the Internet, or awareness of it, as there is now. I wrote to the assn again recently and again suggested an RSIA page on the RSI-UK web site, and I hope that that is now going to go ahead, though it may take a while to get it together. That’s how I heard that the AGM would be this weekend, and in Nottingham, but I don’t have the other details.

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