RSI/CTS Surgery

Question: Does surgery for CTS also relieve the RSI? I I am having weakness and pain in my arms will that go away too or is this just something they tell you? I am in a real quandary over this, I have to use a computer for work and University, I have cut back considerably but do not want to nor can I give Up using one. I have another GP appointment soon, should I push for alternate therapies or agree to see the surgeon? I have actually had back surgery for two herniated disks but that was years ago, and while I no longer have pain I am always troubled by that area.I do not want the same problem with my hands.

Answer: NEVER go to a surgeon unless there are no other choices or you risk permanent serious disability (paralysis). Surgery is rarely a cure all for musculo-skeletal problems.


RSI/CTS Surgery — 1 Comment

  1. One of the Great, inexpensive (and something you can do yourself/immediately) is to go to a local pharmacy and obtain a pair of wrist splints (generally less than $20). Wear the splints at night and/or around your home, when you are alone, watching TV, etc. This simple solution can often post-pone or avoid surgery! (Sure worked for me, I did not have to have surgery AT ALL! Now, I only occassionally wear them.)

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