RSIGuard Review

If you go on to their web site ( you will find it very informative. You can download a 45 day trial package for free and either registers it if you get on with it or just uninstall it if you find it is a pain. Personally I think this package is great – it is very simple to use and set up – there’s just a few buttons and boxes to select. It asks you what sort of work you do, i.e. just normal typing or drawing or figure inputting and also what sort of keyboard and mouse equipment you use. I use a Maltron and a Smart Cat Touchpad and it works fine with both. It allows you to ‘tell’ it how long you think you can type and mouse before it starts hurting and from all this information it sorts out how much it’s going to allow you to work for and then how long your breaks will be for. As your arms/hands get better you can adjust the timescales to suit.  And of course vice versa.

It provides some really natty graphs and charts of information which may or may not prove useful to the bosses to show them just how much trauma you are suffering. Anyhow, I like using it very much and would recommend it to anyone. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me (direct or via the group) or email RSIGuard directly. – the lady I talk to is Shelley ( who is very helpful.

Comment 1: Thanks for all the info I will check it out. With regards to showing the bosses anything well they have just dismissed me so that’s not really an option here! But I will keep it in mind for future jobs.

Comment 2: I’d forgotten your thread of emails. I do apologise for my faux pas (or however you spell it) and I hope you manage to sort something out for the future very soon. All the very best and I hope you get on with the package. Cheers for now.

Comment 3: I would just like to add that I have downloaded the RSIGuard and so far I am finding it much easier to use and better than the other one but we will just have to see how it goes now, will keep you updated on how I am finding it.

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