RSIUK.RSIUK Digest for 20 Jan 2001

Subject of vitamins: When I started seeing my Chiropractor back in 1999, she looked not only at my RSI problem but also my lifestyle and diet. Although I was eating a healthy diet (I’m one of the few people I know who loves vegetables!) and taking cod liver oil (yuck!) she was horrified to learn that I was drinking between 8-10 mugs of tea a day! Not only that, but would have the odd filter coffee (as and when making a pot for my boss.) She told me that by the consumption of such high levels of caffeine (and tea doesn’t even have as much as coffee!!!!) the caffeine actually inhibits the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients from food and supplements!

Since being told this, I have switched to decaffeinated tea and coffee, and cut down my consumption to circa 4 a day. I’m now drinking fruit juice and LOADS more water (for flushing toxins) and to give the body more moisture (even my muscles!) Those of you, who are showing deficiencies in ANY vitamins, maybe should look at your consumption of not only caffeine, but alcohol and nicotine too (as alcohol and nicotine have the same effect as caffeine!!) Ceasing the consumption of the 3 toxins, together with more water and moderate exercise has left me feeling better than ever!! Good luck everybody (because for some of you it may not be as easy as making a few dietary changes.)

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