RSIUK.RSIUK Digest for 22 Jan 2001

Question:  I got tendonitis and RSI from playing music (piano and flute), as well as writing with a pen 11 years ago and haven’t been able to play since. Even 10 seconds on the piano is more than enough for the pain! Are there any pianists/piano teachers on this list-serve who have tendonitis in the writs(s?)

Answer 1: Have you thought of Alexander Technique sessions?

Answer 2: I didn’t get tendonitis from playing the piano, but since first getting symptoms last year I have barely played. However, I also play the organ and have been able to continue doing so more easily than the piano. And I suspect my reluctance to play the piano is as much psychological as anything else — i.e. I don’t want to confront myself too much with the issue of whether I’ll be able to play the piano long term (I caught myself thinking only the other day about what the octave passages in Rondo Alla Turca would do to my wrists…). Also, I need to preserve my wrists for using the computer at work (oh happy day).

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