Seats for posture!

Question: One of my problems is that i often slump in my seat! Somewhere i have seen a seat that improves your posture by making you sit up straight. It looks a bit weird! Anyone know what i’m talking about? Where can i get one and how

Answer 1: Try the Back Shop in central London – they have a big range. These chairs really help! 

Answer 2: Putnams catalogue (leaflet really) – brilliant! I bought a posture cushion – it really has helped enormously (and I didn’t even think I slumped!). It has enabled me to write with NO shoulder or neck pain (only a bit of arm pain) – helped in my recent exam. Also brilliant for working at my keyboard. I’ve bought their pillow – shaped to support your neck, with room to put your shoulders (again – brilliant for sore necks). And last night I had a brilliant night’s sleep on their ‘ripple mattress cover’! It’s supposed to try and distribute your weight more evenly and gently massage you as you sleep or something. It was very relaxing. I really do recomend these products (long term benefits yet to be determined).

Answer 3: My “ergonomic” computer chair has a the ability to tilt the base (bit you sit on) forwards. It feels real funny at first but it makes your back a lot straighter. If you have a similar chair – give it a go!

Answer 4: I was highly amused to read this one. In our safety office here we all have seats like this on our computer chairs. About 10 years ago my wife was advised by her chiropracter to get slab cushions to sit on. I’ve now got so used to sitting on these things all round our house that I naturally set my seat tilted as far forward as possible, just like all the official information we disseminate from the safety office tells us to. Result? The rest of my fellow safety officers hate my seat and I often find it has been set flat again, in my absence! Wierd!

Certainly setting your chair like this is a help but too many seats are covered with slippery material so that you tend to slip forward all the time. Also, I think the big benefits of this change in posture are to the lower back, although you people are more likely to know whether that is true than I am. All I can say is give it a try and persevere for at least two weeks before giving up.

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