Seeds and chilli

Question: I searched for pumpkin seeds on the internet but could not find much at all. They are high in zinc etc.

Answer 1: The medical herbalist I go to says 1 tbsp per day of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds combined (raw – equal quantities) contains a good broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. But – be warned – they’re also highly calorific! As to chilli and stress – all the hot/peppery spices (chilli, paprika, ginger etc) boost circulation and help eliminate toxins.

Answer 2: In India a lot of sesame is used in cooking. I bet they don’t have too much RSI there. Also some other Asian countries consume a lot. There is honey/sesame candy available in some import stores. I might consider buying some and using that as a more nutritious dessert/snack for a month or 2 and see if I feel better. I bet it works. The nerves are over 90% fat and need fat in the diet for regeneration and proper functioning. The USA government stated that low fat diets cause permanent nerve damage, and they want people to quit the fad diets. Is there someone familiar with the foreign diets that may know what the incidence of RSI is in these other countries? Perhaps we should think about adding sesame, flax, and borage oils to our diets to see the results.

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