Seeing my GP – seeking advice?

I have an appointment with my GP at the start of July, following a first appointment I had with him last week re my RSI/tendonitis/whatever. He was helpful and supportive so I’m not afraid that there’ll be any problems of the “it’s all in your mind” variety. His initial thought was that it may be tendonitis but I understand that that can occur in conjunction with other forms of RSI so I wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions just yet. However, some tips on what I should be asking for (referral to a physio?) just so that I can make the most of the appointment would be helpful.

Comment 1: Just wanted to say hello and as far as I know this group is for all sufferers no matter how sever it is. I’m glad to know that your GP is helpful – unlike mine!

Comment 2: You do not say what your symptoms are – but you are not a fraud for only having mild symptoms. In RSI all symptoms start in this way. You are absolutely correct in wanting to preventative precautions. My Doctor also diagnosed my problem as tendonitis, with perhaps other RSI related problems. However, although he was very interested in my problem he never referred me on to specialist. From my own experience I suspect I have CTS, I understand that in such cases a Rheumatologist is recommended for specific diagnosis. I have recently changed Doctors and will be seeing new Doctor on 29 June, so I have yet to discover her recommendations.

Comment 3: I live in Bromley – does anyone know of any particular names I could suggest to my GP in the Bromley/NW Kent area?

Comment 4: Definitely get referred to a physio, see the FAQ for advice on how to check they are capable. You may have to see one ‘privately’. Physios’ tend to have better knowledge of anatomy and muscular/skeletal problems than your GP so are better at diagnosing RSI problems. Ask for one who is known to be good at treating RSI.

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