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I am enrolled in a health psychology class for which I need to make a presentation. The medical topic that I chose is RSI. (I hope to eventually work as the equivalent of a sports psychologist for musicians) and for the presentation I need to address the social and psychological impact of suffering RSI. I have learned that there is the stress of dealing with workman’s comp and disability (including seeing a psychologist as a part of the claim process), seeing OTs and PTs and docs and surgeons.

I ask any of you who are willing please share, either with the list or with me privately, a little of what having to deal with pain, restricted movements, work lay-offs means to you? How does it affect your day to day life? How does it impact your family life, work relations and the like? I realize that telling a musician to put down the instrument or an artist not to work or a writer not to type is infringing on self-expression – what impact do others of you feel? Please don’t necessarily limit yourselves to the above questions but feel free to relate anything.

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