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A colleague/friend, Penny Gray, and I have managed to get a contract with one of the self-help health presses to do a book on how to cope with RSI. The thrust of the book is that it is a wretched condition, frightening, income-threatening, all that; but that by taking ownership of it and doing various things (physical, mental, software, ergonomic, therapeutic etc.), it can be brought under control. This is my own experience, who am an RSI survivor of six years standing, a writer/journalist, and have done St Thomas’ pain management programme. Penny is a medical writer so she can write things like symptoms and pathologies properly, both formal and alternative medicine.

We are looking for people who would be willing to give us some of their stories. Where else to look but among the e-mailers! You know the kind of thing, there will be some thumb-nail items, in boxes or in the text, about so-and-so, who felt x and did y — that kind of thing. No-one will have their surname. We don’t just want symptoms and ‘how I felt it coming on and then what happened’ – though that is useful. We also want ‘I tried this, and it worked’, or ‘I believe the basic problem with me is x and this is what I have done about that’. Exercises, stretches, workplace changes, employer attitudes, success with voice recognition software or the opposite. Depression? How was it overcome? Dowager’s hump? How was it ironed out?

Comment : I would be happy to contribute to your book if you are interested. I am largely ‘recovered’ after 2 years of crippling RSI, having done the pain management programme at Unstesd Park.

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