Sesame oils & seeds

In India a lot of sesame is used in cooking. I bet they don’t have too much RSI there. Also some other Asian countries consume a lot. There is honey/sesame candy available in some import stores. I might consider buying some and using that as a more nutritious dessert/snack for a month or 2 and see if I feel better. I bet it works. The nerves are over 90% fats and need fat in the diet for regeneration and proper functioning. The USA government stated that low fat diets cause permanent nerve damage, and they want people to quit the fad diets. IS there someone familiar with the foreign diets that may know what the incidence of RSI is in these other countries?

Also, when I was showing my Doberman Pinscher dog years ago I had to give him flax seed oil so that his coat would shine, his eyes would be bright, and he would be frisky in the show ring. Now, I think those are all qualities we would like for ourselves! Perhaps we should think about adding sesame, flax, and borage oils to our diets to see the results. My dog’s coat would begin to shine within 3 days of eating just a teaspoon of flax seed oil daily. Maybe I would have better hair days too!

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