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I noticed a lot of people on the US Sorehand list mentioned Sharon Butler’s book and stretch regime. But I haven’t seen anyone talking about it here. I was just wondering if anyone on this list had tried it – I just got the book this morning so it’s really too early to tell, but I’ve heard many good things about it working wonders and fixing everything! Just thought I’d bring it up – once I’ve had a chance to try them out regularly I’ll make sure I tell you how it’s going!

Comment : I got the book at Xmas, but haven’t digested it yet. It took ages to come from the States and hit me at a time when I didn’t have much space for it. I’ll keep the list posted.


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  1. If you’re still wondering, aside from specialized physical therapy outside my network that I can’t afford (Suparna Damany, she’s really good with this stuff too), it’s the ONLY thing that appears to work for me. The way she teaches you to “stretch” is incredibly unique. I still have to take it exceptionally easy while healing, but I’m much looser and I can stand upright again…didn’t even realize I was stooped so badly.

    Also, the audios are tremendously helpful. The book helped for sure, but the audios made it make a lot more sense and Sharon gives you tools that aren’t directly in the book. She’s also very responsive and helpful via E-mail for any questions as well. Having been to 3 ineffective doctors or therapist within my insurance, and a specialized therapist, and months of performing stretches and exercises with few results, I highly recommend it. Someone like Suparna Damany can also help if you can afford the sessions, and Sharon also recommended structural integration sessions. If you have any questions post here or just email Sharon from her site, she’s really helpful.

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