She assured me that there are no specialists for RSI

Question: I am new to this list but not new to RSI. I have suffered from wrist pain on and off over the past few years, caused by computer work and playing the flute. I have consulted my doctor on 3 occasions during that period, and recently asked her to send me to a specialist. She assured me that there are no specialists for RSI.  This obviously is not the case, judging by some of the emails I read from this list, but how do I find a specialist? I am about to embark on acupuncture and possibly see a chiropractor. Any comments?

Answer: I think your doctor is strictly right, as the medics don’t yet fully understand what rsi is etc, but I did go and see a consultant (albeit privately to start with) who is the person who knows the most aboutit of anyone I talked to since I got it 18 months ago. You will have to have a letter of referral from your gp and he is idiosyncratic, so good luck!

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