Info for anyone who has trouble fastening shoes: Hawkshead (catalogue, stores in various places now) currently has in its range a slip-on trainer – nubuck uppers – elasticated side gussets, mock lace-up so normal trainer look and feel, price 22 pounds, colours Almond or Olive. New Look (chain store, appearance of girls’ teenage fashion, but has some other items, too!) has a range of shoes-made-with-trainer-technology. Includes a plain high-front slip-on shoe – nubuck uppers – with elasticatedside gussets, and trainer style soles. Very light, very comfortable, price 19.99, colours light stone or light blue. For some reason the sizing on both these styles – even though different suppliers and presumably different manufacturers – was slightly odd and I had to get a (continental) size larger than I normally wear.

Comment 1: I find slip-ons difficult too (!) so I look for shoes with an instep bar. Best are ones with Velcro fastenings. I haven’t any bright ideas about where to find them as I can’t remember where I got my last ones.

Comment 2: That’s funny; I bought one of those light blue nubuck slip ons last week! Couldn’t resist, they were so dinky (and so was the price). Everyone keeps saying ‘ooh, are those Merril?’ (They’re the fifty pound pair, available from proper shoe shops) so they definitely impress. I can more or less get in and out of them with minimum hand intervention. Not sure for how long the pristine baby blue nubuck will hold up.

Comment 3: Don’t you tread on my blue suede shoes.

Comment 4: Over the winter, Stead and Simpson were doing a brand of shoe (more of a boot) called Hobos, one style of which had a velcro fastening. And it was very comfortable. (Oh dear – I must be getting old!) They were in the sale recently, so I don’t know if there will be many left.  You mentioned in a previous post that it makes sense for people with RSI to see a physio who specialises in AMT/ANT, even if it’s just to rule it out. Can you recommend anyone in York? Thanks. Thanks for information about the Togl.

Comment 5: Thanks. I’ll have a look. A man called Ed at the Highthorn Clinic in Hull Road — if he’s still there. (I think he must be.) Just say Ed, they’ll know. The Leeds PACT physio knows him. I still haven’t worked out what the Togl is! I’ll get there in the end (I started laughing at the name and got stuck.)

Comment 6: Thanks for the lead on the physio. Re. the Togl – as we’re both in York, you’d be welcome to come round and have a look/try it out for yourself if you thought it might be of interest to you. Feel free to mail me off-list if you want to arrange something.

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