Short keyboard

Question: We provided a Cherry short keyboard for a member of staff but she does not like it. She comments are that ‘it is too lightweight for someone who a touch types; it is all squashed together and more like a laptop keyboard’. Have others found this keyboard difficult to use? Is there a different short keyboard that she could try?

Answer 1: I haven’t tried that keyboard, but I do think that some of my own problems were caused by using a lap-top with a keyboard that was too ‘squashed together’, with flat keys which were not too easy to hit. I think the spacing and action of keys can be very important.

Answer 2: I have recently accessed for a staff member the Goldtouch keyboard. This is split and adjustable, but the keys are consistent size. There is no reach to the mouse, which is great. She has found it very helpful.

Answer 3: I note that it has to be shipped from Australia!

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