Should I take time off work

The short answer has to be yes. I was in a situation where a client kept changing the spec (asking to do it one way then another) and then changing the requirements (asking for more). Throughout this I kept thinking “If I can just finish off this bit by Friday then I’ll have next week to relax and do something else”. I didn’t even really think about the pain in my hands as I’d had irritation during my finals and that went away. After 2 months it was hurting through the evening and I tried to make noises at work to which I got ‘well you know in business you have to do what the client wants. Or you would never be able to run a business’. After 3 months I had a holiday and it still hurt afterwards. I then had rest but it was too late and still hurts now, though physio helps and I am not as bad as some of the people on this group. I can’t way when I went past the point of no return but I did. Don’t do so yourself.


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  1. Hi, I have been having neck, wrist and shoulder problems for almost a year from constant mouse use at work. Am currently off sick. I previously took one week off which changed nothing. How mich time off work should be expected?

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