Shoulder blade pain

Question: Thanks for the replies about shoulder blade pain. I am having a bad flare-up at the moment since Tuesday morning. Normally when I have pain at say 6 (on a scale of 1-10) it should go down in 2 days provided I do not much else. Yet this one is still going on and at times increasing to 8-9. Before only pain at levels 9 would take 4-5 days to subside somewhat. The whole area is in a spasm. Still, I am seeing the chiropractor tomorrow morning. Trouble is that once it starts (and I can’t tell it has started until a while after the activity), then the burning really increases even if I stop doing stuff. All I did was type one page! And this too when I am not at work full days because I am still recovering from something else.

Comment 1: Try getting hold of the book Pain Erasure, by Bonnie Prudden – this is very good at reducing the intense pain of this sort of thing, and I used it for this sort of pain amongst others. Also try to get hold of a body-type massage tool – basically anything with a round blunt end that is a few inches long and has a handle of some kind. You then use this tool to dig into the trigger points (areas of muscle that are causing other parts of muscle to go into painful spasm). When you get the right trigger points (almost always not just the bits that hurt) you get an excellent relief from pain – not a panacea, but a very useful way of controlling pain and muscle spasm. The book also recommends stretching post massage.

If you can’t wait for the book, find a massage therapist who knows about trigger points and remedial massage therapy and have a session with them. Alexander technique is also helpful from the other direction – massage reduces the spasm/pain, and Alexander helps prevent them happening in the first place.

Comment 2: Well, after deliberating, cogitating (!) and digesting your responses, I have decided not to chop my arms off after all ! 🙂 I will however chop the old arm-rests off.

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