Shoulder, elastic bands & a little driving!

Shoulder: I had/have a painful shoulder (tendonitis in the rotator cuff of LH shoulder), this resulted in 3 cortisone injections (which, at present, have killed the chronic pain), but I have very limited use of the movement of that shoulder, almost 2 years on. Is your shoulder becoming limited in movement? You would need correct diagnosis (frozen shoulder or, maybe, what I have or maybe something else).

“Elastic” Bands or rather rubber type bands!?: After the cortisone, the specialist sent me for deep magnetic treatment (I’m really sorry, I think my brain’s gone to sleep, I can’t remember any of the technical terms now – maybe I’m just fuddled!) to the physio, who also introduced me to a band treatment. This involved looping the band around a door handle (or something steady at the right height) and pulling gently in different directions for a certain number of times per day, however she was concerned about the tendon problems in my arm that may be aggravated by these exercises for my shoulder. So, as usual, stop when any hint of pain. I’m afraid neither of these treatments helped the shoulder. Sorry to sound negative, but as said many times before, what will work for one person may not work for another and vice versa!

Driving: I don’t drive, but I am a passenger!! When we go on long journeys I find I get very “achy” leading to “painful” later on. I have worked out that the vibration of the vehicle causes more trouble to my left arm, being near and sometimes on the door. I do find vibration of, say, vacuum cleaners set everything off – I wonder if these vibrating seat things actually would be good to use?? Then again, no good for me, but someone else.

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