Shoulder tenosynovites from mouse

I’m interested in any information from anyone who has a similar injury or can offer advice. I was getting pain in the front of my right shoulder when mousing (May96). Whilst getting physio treatment I switched to using the mouse in my left hand to give my right shoulder time to heal. A period of recent stress has resulted in the same problem in that shoulder. My right shoulder has not improved significantly. I’m back at work programming (very slowly) using a trackball, when I can’t use the keyboard, but am not seeing any real signs of improvement or really being fit to work. I avoid driving where possible and most work around the house aggravates one or both of my shoulders.

I have back and neck problems and the favourite diagnosis is to lay the blame on that area. I found GP & rheumatologist advice disappointing and am following physio and RSI page (work breaks, relaxation) advice. RSI articles suggest a measure of recovery is possible but most focus on arm and hand injuries so any information on shoulder tenosynovites would help me.


Shoulder tenosynovites from mouse — 1 Comment

  1. Hi there,

    I have this exact problem. In fact I also changed hands and the problem also started in my left shoulder as well.

    I am naturally left handed, so driving is not a massive problem for me

    I know this was a long time ago, but was wondering how it all ended up as I’m a bit concerned about my future.


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