Shoulders and ‘posture’

This message might provide an alternative view on how we see the term posture. I hope Steven Shafarman, won’t mind me quoting from his book “The Feldenkrais Method for Dynamic Health”, the following extracts: ‘Good posture concerns most people, yet we rarely think about what this means other than “standing up straight”. Moshe (Feldenkrais) noted that the root of posture is post, which describes something fixed, static, rigid. He coined the term acture to suggest the way the spine dynamically aligns and realigns with every action. As he defined it, acture describes the way someone sits or stands when not engaging in any intentional act, the neutral position to which one returns after enacting some intention. Good “acture” is that which enables one to act spontaneously with the greatest degree of freedom. These ideas provide an excellent functional definition for truly good posture.’

He goes on to talk about people with so-called bad posture: ‘Instead of trying to correct bad posture or scoliosis by imposing some arbitrary idea of how the spine should be, the Feldenkrais Method helps people learn to move freely and improve their “acture”’ Feldenkrais works with what you have, whatever shape, disability or injury. “Oh well” is good, because it may mean you let the stress go. Maybe here though there is something you can explore to help improve your mobility, and reduce pain without trying to fit you in a mould with all those people trying to be straight. Hope this helps, all best wishes.

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