Side of hand pain

I have this. Rheumatologist thought my outer forearm bone was too long. X-rays showed not. He says nothing wrong then. If you find out, let me know! But in the meantime, what specific forms of RSI affect this part of the hand? The outer bump of the hand running down from the little finger to the wrist.* –

Comment 1: Wootton’s Syndrome? Seriously, I don’t know – have to admit that I don’t get this sort of problem. Something to do with over stretching/using your pinkie and associated tendons et al? (Sounds right if you were talking about the left shift key if you’re a good girl and hit it with your little finger. Some of us have strange double jointed pinkies and can’t do this…I knew there was an evolutionary advantage to thatsomewhere.

Comment 2: Yes, I do use my pinkie for the shift key. I’m a touch typist. And this side of left hand pain is really bugging me now (mentally as much as physically) as I was feeling better in myself, because I felt the physio visit had been productive etc, and had actually started writing some fiction after many, many long weeks with no inspiration or will to do it! And now I’ve got this stupid twinge every time I go for the left shift key! I’m *sure* I didn’t have it before I did that stretch with the rubber bands to try and strengthen my forearm to combat tennis elbow. Maybe it’s just a little sprain, not a full-blown RSI thing? I pray to God it is! At the moment I’ve got it strapped with a piece of elastic tape bandage, under my Handeze glove… I just don’t want to have to stop writing again now I’ve started at last! It’s too unfair! Anybody know an exercise to strengthen the pinkie muscles, preferably one that doesn’t knocker up some other part of my hand/wrist/arm? In the dumps again… and suffering from Wootton’s syndrome.

Comment 3: When you are using your pinkie to hit the shift key do you use the same hand to stretch across and hit one of the other keys at the same time? If so, it is possible that this stretch is aggravating the problem. Try using one hand to hold down the shift key and the fingers of the other hand to press the other key. Wide stretches of the hand when typing aren’t a very good idea as it puts a lot of tension into the hand.

Comment 4: No, as a rule, I’m not doing a stretch across the keyboard with one hand. I just hold the shift key momentarily while I hit another key with my other hand. I never noticed this problem until I tried the ‘elastic band’ stretch recommended for tennis elbow. (ie elastic band around pinkie and thumb and spread fingers to work the muscles/tendons in the forearm). I feel as if I might have ‘sprained’ something doing that stretch. I don’t get the reverse problem i.e. holding down shift with right pinkie whilst typing a key with left hand, but I suspect that the right hand is always stronger in right handed people. It’s all very depressing, as I was beginning to think I was seeing improvement in other areas i.e. upper back, arms, elbows, and now this new ‘thing’ has started up! As I said before… on with the battle!

Comment 5: Still not found out what this is called. I saw a diagram in Wendy Chalmers Mill’s book RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury, which showed in a diagram what pain in different areas means, but only had it out from the library and can’t find it again. Have ordered a copy, but it’s coming from the US and could be a few weeks! For the moment, have the side of my hand strapped with stretchy support bandage to help take the strain. I will ask my physio about it tomorrow.

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