It’s “comforting” to hear of someone whose difficulties are very similar to mine! I took Amitriptyline in the early days – I can’t quite remember why I came off them, but on the whole I prefer not to take anything (I don’t like to disguise the symptoms in case I make them worse – maybe a wrong attitude?) Definitely things are worse in the damp weather, even if indoors! I have been reading the Alexander Technique and have found a couple of useful tips already: don’t put your shoulders right back (as in the army!) this destroys the line of the body, but just comfortably upright. Even how you walk with regard to your feet, I found I was tightening my feet as I walk, which doesn’t help any foot problems, but to relax them and walk on the 3 main points of the foot seems to help the rest of my body as well. Well, having read your comments to my partner – I guess I can persuade him to let me try skiing again! Haven’t been for nigh on 25 years!

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