SKRINE/Pain in calf muscle

I finally found someone who is like me and won’t give up looking. I was very angry too when I got RSI, as I am an active person and want to do a lot of things. I spent several years and read thousands of pages and hundreds of books looking for the answer to my RSI. The medical profession made a lot of money off me by performing tests, but could give me no relief. I was in excruciating pain and even the drive to the library and just walking into the library was difficult. I found MY answer in an old health food book I bought from my neighbor’s moving sale.

The book stated that to alleviate chronic pain one had to drink 2½ liters whole milk daily. But the first day one has to drink 10 liters (one gallon) and the second day one must drink 5 liters (1/2 gallon). The milk cannot be skimmed. It must be whole. It is the enzymes and hormones found only in the butterfat of whole milk that the nerves need for proper function and regeneration. Cow’s milk is the lowest in butterfat of the other milk that other peoples drink like Yak, goats milk, etc. I bet they don’t get RSI. I was greatly relieved of pain within 24 hours, but the rest slowly went away over a period of months.

The first 3 days I drank the milk, I tried to get a lot of rest. It caused a hormone shock to my body, which subsided after 4 days. That was the key to my RSI. I hope something as simple as this will help you too. P.S. The RSI is not gone, just the pain is controllable now. But I can do half as much as I did before, without pain. I am still searching for more answers. I believe it to be dietary. Let me know if you uncover more to add to the diet. But it may be that a major organ is malfunctioning.

Comment 1: Please note that one gallon is 4.546 litres and half a gallon is 2.273 litres (Imperial gallons that is – American ones are smaller) Source – any good book of conversions. I use “Mathematical Tables” Alan Montague-Beart, Pan 1965.

Comment 2: I use Letts Pocket Diary, various authors Letts 2000, 1999, 1998, etc.

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