Sleepless night – Additional comments

There might be restrictions on shipping blood products out of the country. But for diagnosis or study, there might not be. I have tried various anti-histamines to fall asleep, as I will toss for hours if I don’t use something. And if I wake in the night, I absolutely can’t fall asleep again. I must repeat the small dose of liquid Benadryl. I then fall asleep within 20 minutes. I will not use sleeping pills because of the dependence and the damage. And I am afraid to be hooked on any drugs, as it can lead to more drug abuse.

Some anti-histamine I have tried create no unwanted symptoms, but they do not work very fast to get me asleep. One, a very tiny pill developed for astronauts, caused me to be very agitated and nervous. I was in agony for 2 hours. I threw them out. The one that is best for me (Might not be the best for others) is Benadryl liquid for Allergies. The ancient Egyptians used it in a natural form. I take but one teaspoon, sometimes 2 if I am very tired. I have no side effects. But I cannot take the same one in pill form, even at a small dose, as I then feel drugged. In fact, I cannot take any anti-histamine in pill form, as I feel very drugged and agitated. But any of the liquids are fine. That is puzzling to me. Perhaps it is because of the fillers in a pill, or maybe it is a concentration of the pill in just one area of the stomach, as my stomach will also bother me if I take pills.

I will tell you a story, but try to make it short: My 86 year old neighbor, a very disagreeable man, could not sleep well, and my small children would bang the side door often and loudly. This noise bothered him tremendously and aggravated him terribly. So he yelled at his wife day and night. (But never spoke to me). I did not know his problems, until his wife pleaded with me about the door. I could hear him yelling inside his house at the time, but this yelling was all day and night anyway. I thought he was just bonkers. I had just recently read Dr. Levinson’s book and had purchased some Triaminic pills, which were found to be disagreeable to me. So I gave the package, minus the one pill, to her. He was so desperate, he took one immediately. Within 20 minutes his symptoms were gone. He could sleep all the next night through. Noises stopped bothering him right away. His sense of smell returned a bit too. That sense was gone entirely. This happened after several years of suffering and many visits to doctors for relief, which they could not give him. His problems were within the inner ear, which is what the anti-histamines focus upon.

The very next morning, he drove straight away to his doctor and created quite a scene, yelling at the doctor for a lengthy time and cursing him for being so ignorant and not helping, when his neighbor just instantly produced a readily available and cheap solution to his entire range of problems. (It was not my solution; it was Dr. Levinson’s.) But thank God it worked, as his wife was greatly relieved from his yelling and cursing, now that he could sleep and noises no longer bothered him. I never heard him yell after that. None of want to get to his point and become a nuisance to others. A person with RSI needs to sleep well and needs to sleep deeply to heal the muscles and nerves. If the anti-histamines can give us this needed rest, then they are a Godsend when they work. Do read Dr. Levinson’s book. “Phobia Free”. It may be available from the bookstores on special order, or at the library. (He has written more books also.) There is a wealth of information in there. It is bad enough to have RSI, let alone more problems on top of it. Have a good day!

Comment 1: I use valerian tablets to mask the pain and help me relax enough to sleep.

Comment 2: I do find that herbal remedies with valerian and sometimes hops are effective if I’m not too stressed. I don’t know if they’d work if I were in pain too though.

Comment 3: “There might be restrictions on shipping blood products out of the country. But for diagnosis or study, there might not be”.- I didn’t really mean that. But we can ask our doctors anyway. I have tried various anti-histamines to fall asleep, as I will toss for hours if I don’t use something. And if I wake in the night, I absolutely can’t fall asleep again. I must repeat the small dose of liquid Benadryl. I then fall asleep within 20 minutes. I think the real point here is that using “drugs” antihistamines, minor tranquillisers/hypnotics, herbal preparation, etc. regularly leads to tolerance and can lead to addiction. Why some people become tolerant and some not, some addicted and some not, is a matter of interest to me, great interest, but not one I have the time or resources to pursue! I looked up Levinson (and Lindner). I haven’t yet visited Levinson’s Centre. I came across the explanation of dyslexia as being c/v that is, inner ear. I also came across a discussion of Lyme disease – a friend got that, she got the right diagnosis and treatment quickly; she is just fine now but didn’t manage to follow it through. Of course “genuinely natural sleep” is best, but I agree, people with RSI need sleep.

Comment 4: Valerian gives some people blinding headaches. California poppy is another herbal sedative with no (for me) ‘morning after’ effects – available from good health food / complementary health shops, most usually in the ‘Phyto – XXXX’ series – sold as ‘Phyto-Dreams’. The same series does excellent feverfew capsules – Phyto-Feverfew – (for the times of the year when it’s not growing in your garden) which is an effective anti-inflammatory herb.

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