Smart cat touchpad

I use a Maltron and a Smart Cat Touchpad and it works fine with both.

Comment 1: I see that you are using a touchpad. Can you send a review (just like about RSI guard)? I do a lot of mouse work, but I am not sure whether I will ‘transfer’ to a touchpad. I am a bit afraid that in the end, after e.g. half a year of usage of the touchpad, I will end up with callosity on my finger tips (I mean the kind of thick hard skin. I don’t know the word for it in English; found it in a dictionary). Since I (hope to) play the piano (soon), I do not want to make the feeling in my fingertips less. Does anybody have some experience on this?

Comment 2: Yes, I have been using a touchpad for about two years now and get on with it famously. Have no fear; there is no hardening of the skin on your fingers so please give one a try. To use the pad all you do is gently move your fingertip on the pad – somehow it’s sensitive to moisture I think the website says – but whatever it is you really need only the lightest of touches to make it work.

There’s four buttons on the outside of the touchpad which are programmable and you can use a portion of the pad to zoom in and out of parts of your program and also use two of the edges of the pad to slide yourself up and down and across your document. Cirque has a wonderful website. It’s full of great information on all their products – they do loads – and they have a fun page with items such as 101 things to do to a dead ‘mouse’ although having just checked their site this seems to have disappeared. The site address is: If you’ve got any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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