Solicitor needed

Question: I am seriously thinking of suing my firm and need some advice. Do I go with a local firm that don’t specialize or are there ones that deal with this sort of thing? And are there any close to Norfolk?

Answer: ALWAYS try to find someone who specialises or has dealt with a few similar┬ácases before. Personally I wouldn’t touch anyone who had NO experience at all. I can recommend Few and Kester of Cambridge. They specialise in personal injury cases and have been very good with me ‘so far’. Call Mr Hywell Griffiths (01223 363111). He is one of the senior partners and will be very happy to speak to you. Don’t forget that most (if not all) solicitors will give you a free session so that they can assess the merits of your case and decide if they want to take it on, and so that you can assess them as well and decide if you want them to represent you. NEVER be afraid to ask them about their track record and success rate, fees etc.

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